Advent 2020

We are living in one of the most chaotic years of our lives.  None of us could have imagined the upheaval of the last several months.  In the turmoil and potential anxiety of these pressure-packed days, it is reassuring to revisit the constancy of Advent.  

Once again, Dr. Case leads us through these timeless days of truth and focuses our attention on God’s engagement with His creation through Jesus the Christ.  Let these daily readings bless your family and you this Advent season. Pastor Jonathan

Advent Devotional 2020: God’s Greatest Gift

Audio Advent 2020 Option:

Lauren Johnson has a podcast called “A Thrill of Hope” and will be releasing each daily reading of our Advent 2020 devotional in an audio form for us. To listen to the daily reading, you can subscribe to her podcast on most platforms by searching “A Thrill of Hope” or click the links to the ones provided down below.

Alternatively, you can find each reading by going to her website HERE.

These readings will be available each day and remain available for the duration of Advent 2020.