While we recognize the primary role of discipleship rests within the family, we also believe God can use Faith Kids to ignite a flame in these young hearts for the person of Jesus. We want to partner with families who are raising a generation of children to know and walk in relationship with their Savior.

Our goal is to provide a space that allows your Preschool – 6th grade student to worship and grow, believing the Holy Spirit will cultivate lessons learned here and at home. We’ve designed our Faith Kids environment very intentionally to allow worship and teaching to come alive for the children of Faith Memorial.

Each gathering is different, but includes a mixture of fellowship, exciting worship, an age-appropriate Bible story with a main point, memory verse, and fun activities.

our gatherings :: Sundays – 10:30 AM :: Wednesdays – 7:00 PM

Current Series



A lot of parents and kids alike focus more heavily on gleaning academic knowledge and gaining meaningful experiences, but teaching our kids to pursue wisdom will help them merge those fields and develop better, God-centered decision-making skills. Kids are placed in plenty of situations where they would need to exercise such discernment. While the wisdom they would need on a daily basis may not be on the scale of Solomon deliberating an argument between two women each claiming to be the rightful mother of a baby, kids will still collect valuable insight about wisdom from such stories. They will first determine wisdom comes from God,  and that being wise also has a lot to do with saying the right words and asking the right questions. . . all of which we can ask of God, who will give them to us because God can be trusted. 

Upcoming Series



In October, we are going through the major events in the life of prophet Elijah, all of which are nothing short of amazing! Elijah’s ministry took place during turbulent times for God’s people – so much so that Elijah felt utterly alone at times. Sometimes he was literally alone. But God’s presence and power with Elijah throughout those times is undeniable. Through these stories, kids will discover how amazing it is that God takes care of us, God knows whats best for us, God speaks to us, and all in all, God does SO MANY amazing things! 

Wednesday Night Series

This 8-week series will go through 8 of Jesus’ parables to help kids understand what they mean as well as how they can apply them to their life.

Events & Forms

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