While we recognize the primary role of discipleship rests within the family, we also believe God can use Faith Kids to ignite a flame in these young hearts for the person of Jesus. We want to partner with families who are raising a generation of children to know and walk in relationship with their Savior.

Our goal is to provide a space that allows your Preschool – 6th grade student to worship and grow, believing the Holy Spirit will cultivate lessons learned here and at home. We’ve designed our Faith Kids environment very intentionally to allow worship and teaching to come alive for the children of Faith Memorial.

Each gathering is different, but includes a mixture of fellowship, exciting worship, an age-appropriate Bible story with a main point, memory verse, and fun activities.

Give to Grow; A Give Warmth Drive

This Christmas season Faith Kids will be asking for donations of winter hats, gloves, scarfs, and socks to donate to Maywood Mission’s Christmas Drive and our Clothe It Forward ministry. The Drive will be from November 1st-December 9th.

our gatherings :: Sundays – 10:30 AM :: Wednesdays – 7:00 PM

Current Series



The Christmas season is filled with many celebrations but Jesus being born is the biggest reason to celebrate! Even though we have heard the story of baby Jesus many times by now, for your youngest kids, it’s still a fairly new story that they usually only hear once a year. Help them feel the wonder and excitement of Christmas each week, in anticipation of the big day! In addition to all the holiday tidings, remind your kids that they can celebrate God’s plan for Jesus’ birth. We can worship Jesus and celebrate because God keeps promises!

Memory Verse

Wednesday Night Series

Week One: Frozen Hearts The once great Kingdom of Israel is divided and in shambles, and the people of God are discouraged and without hope. In the midst of this, God speaks through prophets – men and women like Isaiah – to remind them of God’s love. Isaiah tells the people that one day God will establish a new kingdom that has no end. He will bring them a new king that will save the people: not only from their enemies, but also from their own sin.

Week Two: Let Us Go For a King, Jesus was born in pretty humble surroundings; because his kingdom wasn’t just for the rich and powerful, it was for all people. Some of the first people to meet Jesus – the shepherds – weren’t rich or powerful, but they were transformed by their meeting with the new King. And the shepherds went on to tell many others about Jesus – just as we should.

Week Three: Do You Want to Meet a Savior? That first Christmas, not everyone was joyful. King Herod was an evil ruler, a man whose heart was dark and cold and turned away from God. When Magi came looking for the newborn King, Herod felt his position and power threatened. He crafted a plan to kill the baby. But God had other plans.

Week Four: Love’s Open Door In keeping with custom, Joseph and Mary presented the baby Jesus at the temple. There they meet Simeon who has waited his whole life for the Messiah. He declares the new kingdom would not only be for the Jewish people, but Jesus would open the door for all the people of the world to be saved. Anna, a prophet who stayed at the temple day and night, meets Jesus and tells everyone about the one who would redeem the people.

Wednesday Night Memory Verse

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