While we recognize the primary role of discipleship rests within the family, we also believe God can use Faith Kids to ignite a flame in these young hearts for the person of Jesus. We want to partner with families who are raising a generation of children to know and walk in relationship with their Savior.

Our goal is to provide a space that allows your Preschool – 6th grade student to worship and grow, believing the Holy Spirit will cultivate lessons learned here and at home. We’ve designed our Faith Kids environment very intentionally to allow worship and teaching to come alive for the children of Faith Memorial.

Each gathering is different, but includes a mixture of fellowship, exciting worship, an age-appropriate Bible story with a main point, memory verse, and fun activities.

our gatherings :: Sundays – 10:30 AM :: Wednesdays – 7:00 PM

December 2021 Sunday Series




Who doesn’t love a board game? Waiting for the the game to unfold is a part of the fun, but it can be frustrating if kids don’t know why they are playing or what they need to be a part of it. In, Wait For It, kids will learn how to watch for and put their hope in Jesus. Everyone will meet John, Mary, Simeon and Anna— people who waited for a Savior to change their lives. Kids will learn that everyone needs a Savior, that the Savior will change everything, that God will do impossible things, and that Jesus is the one they’ve been waiting for!

Memory Verse

Wednesday Night Series December 2021

Christmas Science

A Four-Week Series on Advent & Christmas

Each week kids or leader will perform a simple science experiment that will remind kids of a specific moment in the Christmas story.

Events & Forms

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