Adult Small Group

Let’s join together at 9:30am Sunday Morning for a time of discussion through video conferencing.

Parents of teens are specifically encouraged to spend this time together before the live stream starts at 10:30am. Any adult, however, is welcome to join in.

On your smart phone or computer, click the link below. You will be asked to download the Zoom app if you haven’t already. If you are asked for the meeting ID, that is included below as well.

I have attached the material and scripture that you will want to look at prior to our time together.

We will all be able to see each other on the same screen. Are you somewhat unsure about this new experience? All the more reason to do it! You will be blessed.

Just remember to run a brush through your hair at least once before joining :) Trust me, we all look a little “washed out” on a web or phone camera.

Meeting ID: 560 862 696